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Can I use the ceramic products for everyday use??


Yes, you can use all products ordinarily every day. We do not recommend to use them in restaurants facilities as this environment is too hectic and people are less vigilant.

It is necessary to realize that all this products do not have the same qualities as porcelain.


Can I use boiling water when I use your products as a cups, jugs etc.?


Yes, you can as the whole process of production needs up to 1000°C and this mean that the all products are more than resistant to boiling water.


Is it possible to wash all ceramics in dishwasher?


I can confidently say from my own experience that there will be not damage at all if you place the products in dishwasher.

I do not normally recommend to my customers to wash the products in the dishwasher as I am not bale to predict how the ceramics will reacts with the aggressive tablets.


I bought some of your products and after a while the glaze started to crack all over my mug and look aged. Even though I have to admit I still use my mug as this look did not cause deep breakage or hole and it is completely usable. Could you please tell me why this happened?


Gentle cracks of the surface it is common appearance and it does not mean you can not use it any more.

This is related to chemical structure of the clay we use and the chain of the reaction which developed the cracks.

We do not have a laboratory to examine the chemical characters of the clay and it is almost impossible to combine the right amount of clay and glaze.


If you have some more questions you can contact us by email and we will be more

than happy to respond.



Why the ceramic products have such a high price??


You will not find on our products the sign “Made in China” as any of our product is not made by machines.

All our products are “HAND WORK “which means that the whole productions takes much longer than usually.

Every single piece is original and we need more than once to take every piece to our hand till the product is completely ready for customer.

The price depends on the single steps which every product goes through-clay, glaze, colour, electricity etc.

You can try to go through our exhibition of the process (you can find it in main menu under “How we make the ceramic products”) and it will not take long time to realize that the time we spent is reasonable as is the price.


Why do I have to wait such a long time till the product I ordered is prepared??


We are very delighted that the number of our customers is rising every day and still more and more people buy our products but it is necessary to know that we are just two people for the production.

Very important is the fact that clay also needs exact time to reach the right consistence and needs to be dry enough otherwise we will be not able to work with it.

The clay is the natural resource and we have to respect our nature.


What is different between the Modran’s and Haban’s ceramics?


It is well-known that the Haban´s were hard working people and they were very skill in trade such a ceramists, cutlers, shepherds, farmers…etc.

Habans have their own typical design, shapes, glaze and colours.

Characteristic colours for the glaze were blue, white, yellow and green.

For the decoration they used yellow, green, violet, blue and black they used for contour.

They considered a red colour to be colour if the death and they did not use it.

At the very beginning they applied only motives like plants for the decoration.

This is different from the Modran’s ceramic where we use red colour and also the design differ.


Why do you focus just on the Haban’s ceramics?


In 1993 we established the ceramic’s workroom and the main point was to continue to keep Haban`s traditions as we simply like their products. Haban’s ceramics is recognizable by flower decoration as well as by characteristic Haban’s  shapes.

Traditional folk´s ceramics focus on dots, lines or diamonds.

We do have a wide range of the products where you can find not only the Haban’s ceramics but also modern, decorative ceramics, souvenirs, likewise some advertising items.