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 1. In our picture gallery you can find wide range of ceramics products, which are divided by its usage into different groups.


In case you will choose from our wide range of ceramic and you would like to order some product you can contact us by our e-mail address.


 What you should always write to email order:


Your name and address where we should send the product you ordered

Name of product


All information and details how do you want to receive the products you order (you can came and pick up your order personally or we can send it to you by post or by courier).


 Please name The “SUBJECT” in your email as an “ORDER”.


2. After we receive your order we will send you a confirmation email as soon as possible.


3. All items you ordered we will normally send it to you in 30 days after you receive the confirmation email from us.


4. In case of delivery you will have to pay all extra costs (it all depends on quantity, weight and size of delivery).


5. The cost of your order should be more than 20€.


Attention! Each of the product it is ORIGINAL and it is not possible to make complete copy of the Habans products which you can see in our gallery.


Every piece of ceramics we produce is entirely hand made from beginning to end.

The clay is then set aside to dry before being fired in the kiln for the first time. The result of that first firing is the terracotta form that our glazers and painters then work on.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.